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About US

About Pho’s House

Growing up with my mother’s Pho street vendor, which had been famous since the 1980s in Saigon – south of Vietnam, I am really lucky to inherite my mother’s secret Pho recipe and create a wonderful signature flavor for Pho’s House.

We are really grateful to become a member of Hay River and proud to bring not only Pho but also many typical traditional dishes of Vietnam, in order to contribute to the diversity of culinary culture, as well as creating more choices for people here.

Why Pho is a must-try?

Pho – a traditional dish of Vietnam, is originated in the 1880s from the North. Over hundreds of years, the taste of Pho has become more complete, due to the harmonious combination of bone-beef broth, fresh banh pho noodles, sliced meat and fresh herbs. Pho broth is refined from beef bones that are stewed on fire for 10 hours to extract all the sweetness of the bone marrow, mixed with the essential oils from herbs that have been heat-treated to create a distinguished flavor. A bowl of pho, which provides enough nutrition and energy for a whole working day, has gradually become a national dish of Vietnam.

Nowaday, we are proud that Pho not only serves the Vietnamese community but also is enjoyable by many people in the world. Pho’s House is honored to continue accomplish this mission, starting from bringing our special Pho to the people in Hay River.

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